RN1, stylized as rn1 or rnone (on-air), was a Robloxian general entertainment channel run by newcastlefan118 (now SuperLemonade as of October 24, 2013) and BenzBot as part of Roblox Networks Television. The channel began after BenzBot's involvement recreated the channel on November 25, 2011 and lasted until newcastlefan118 rebranded the channel as RN in March 2013. RN1 was RN's flagship channel, featuring its best programs.


See RN#History.


All programming on RN1 was transferred to RN at the time of the renaming. Programming from RN1, at the time of closure, included:

  • Daybreak
  • AfterNEWn
  • Newcastlefan
  • The BenzBot Show
  • RN News at 10

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