RMTEDM was a Robloxian music television channel, created by Gavent Networks, and later owned by rTV Networks Gavent following the closure of Gavent Networks on March 31, 2017. It was a spin-off channel of its former parent, Roblox Music Television (RMT; now Viva Roblox).

The network began as a concept, which then developed into a potential future network. Finally, in late 2015, RMTEDM was publicly announced, a new genre-based RMT channel exclusively airing electronic dance music (also known as EDM), planned to be exclusively available on roTV.

The channel officially became available on roTV on January 19, 2017, but ultimately did not launch as RMTEDM.

On March 31, 2017, Gavent Networks closed, and the majority of its assets, including RMTEDM and its parent channel RMT, were acquired by rTV Networks, who relaunched the rTV Networks Gavent subsidiary to manage the new channels in the interim (originally the division was an autonomous subsidiary of rTVN after the company acquired Gavent Networks' predecessor in 2014). On April 11, 2017, RMT was rebranded as Viva Roblox, and ownership of that channel transferred to rTVN proper. RMTEDM was not involved in the initial rebrand, however, rTVN planned to rebrand RMTEDM as a spinoff of Viva Roblox.

On May 17, 2017, rTV Networks Gavent officially closed RMTEDM and rebranded the channel as Viva2, a spinoff of Viva Roblox. Additionally, as with RMT before it, ownership of the channel moved from rTV Networks Gavent to rTV Networks directly. While no longer a specifically genre-based channel, Viva2 intends to run a considerable amount of EDM and dance music, alongside a number of other genres as a complement to the pop-focused Viva Roblox.

Programming Edit

At the time of the closure of Gavent Networks, only one show had been announced for the network; TOP10TOPPER EDM, an EDM version of RMT's Top 10 Topper. Besides this, RMTEDM was set to air EDM music videos. Under rTVN ownership, this program had been canceled as rTVN has integrated the channel with Viva Roblox.