RMC Holdings, LLC. formerly The Dipper Media, was a Robloxian company that was founded on January 2, 2015 by KnowledgeDipper. The company owns currently five subsidiaries including RMC Productions and Dipper Fresh Studios.

On April 11, 2015, RMC Holdings had been merged to Dipper Fresh Studios, to make the minority company, have the majority of owning it new subsidiaries.


After Dragon Dipper Productions (now RMC Productions) was founded in September 21, 2014 by DragonDipperBlossom and co-founded by CelocoolStarfire (Now manager of TDM), DDP needed a fully-owned company to sustain a full operation of behalf of the production company.

Approximetly three months before TDM was founded, MichaelIsGr8 founder/president of ROBLOX TV Studios® has worked with dragon for only a month (from October to November 27, 2014) including buddbudd222 (now co-owner of TDM). Around November 2014, they both had an idea which turned out unsuccessful, the idea was to merge DDP,RTVS, and BBS to make a new network or company, but about 6 hours after the idea the idea was scrapped due to the "Dragon Hates rTV" incident.

DDP broke RTVS' partnership when Roblox Movie Channel was launched November 27, 2014 and the manually approval to put RMC on RoTV. As a result Mich was fired from DDP.

On January 2, 2015 The Dipper Media, LLC. was created and founded by DragonDipperBlossom himself.

In March 1, 2015 DragonDipperBlossom stated that The Dipper Media has been renamed to RMC Holdings, LLC due to related controversies with BenzBot, MichaelIsH8, and AlonsoAlt.

Current Subsidiaries Edit

RMC Productions

Dipper Fresh Studios

The Dipper Media, LLC00:16

The Dipper Media, LLC. Intro Outro

The official intro and outro of TDM.

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