REN Studios was a studio production company, that owned a variety of networks and shows, including REN, Jonmar Live, Late Night with Place, and more.


When jonmar1 joined ROBLOX in 2011, he created Jonmar Productions, that produced Jonmar Live. When Jonmar Live was canceled on June 8th, 2012, Jonmar Productions took a fall and was put on hold until May 2014. On May 5th 2014, REN Studios opened up again and is now the owner of REN. The deal was confirmed by Jonmar1. On January 7th, 2017, jonmar1 decided to take a new direction and close down REN Studios and REN. He opened up WeatherNOW, which will be independently owned and operated by jonmar.



(May 5th, 2014-January 7th, 2017)Edit

Roblox Entertainment Network, or REN brings a variety of programming to the Robloxians including Jonmar Live, Late Night with Place, REN News, Entertainment Minute, What's the Word, Gossip.TV, and more.