RBN Re-Brand 2015

Roblox Broadcasting Network is an upcoming Robloxian television channel owned mainly by DeMarkay's new company Viacom International Media Networks, with Roblox Networks Television also holding a stake in the network. The channel was founded on February 10, 2014, as DeMarkay announced his return to Robloxian television, after his previous network was supposedly given to Jonmar1 and completely rebranded as REN.


DeMarkay announced his new channel in front of BenzBot, SuperLemonade, and AGavent at the Roblox Networks Television headquarters on February 10, 2014. After originally planning to call it RTN again, BenzBot had persuaded him to give the new channel a different name (as he was somewhat saving the RTN name for possible future use by the Roblox Television Networks Group). DeMarkay decided on RBN, and at the event, SuperLemonade and his company, Roblox Networks Television, took a 10% share in the channel, and BenzBot, owner of rTV Networks, took 30%, down from an initial 40% offer that was never publicly stated. BenzBot also stated that he had given himself the option to decide to lower his share in the channel as time progressed. RNTV and rTVN both said they would help develop programming for RBN.

On March 16, 2015, DeMarkay decided to cancel out rTVN's share of Roblox Broadcasting Network. Roblox Networks Television still owns a share in the network.

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