Placejumping is an upcoming Robloxian place review program on rTV, reviewing various Robloxian games. The series has five episodes produced with more to be put into production. The show is planned to air during rTV's relaunch.


PJ 2011

Original logo for Placejumping, from 2011.

Placejumping is one of only two rTV shows which have been planned to air since the beginnings of the rTV Networks, the other being @TheIronCafe. Placejumping already had an episode produced in 2011, but a new, revised format for the series was decided sometime in 2013, which now applies for all future episodes. On February 16, 2014, BenzBot announced that the first season of Placejumping will consist of ten episodes, most likely including a special on the genre of Insert Wars games late in the season.


Placejumping's format is slightly different than other Robloxian place review shows, as the show focuses more on gameplay experience rather than the usual statistics (players visited, thumbs up/down, etc.). The series will select one game to review each episode, with a rundown of gameplay and commentary on host BenzBot's experience in the game. BenzBot will also show viewers tips and tricks he has learned from playing the game. Unlike competing place review shows PlaceView and The Best GamePlacejumping does not operate out of a set -- rather, a captioned "voice-over" guides viewers through the episode and through the review of the game. Episodes of Placejumping alternate in production with episodes of @TheIronCafe, the other surviving original rTV series.


One episode had been produced for the show in 2011, and four more were completed as part of the creation of several episodes for the upcoming season.

Season, Episode No. in Series Place reviewed in episode Production finished rTV Airdate
S1E1 1 The Pop Club BC N/A

July 1, 2011 (original), TBD 2016 (relaunch)

S1E2 2 Bloxborne January 8, 2014 TBD 2016
S1E3 3 Doom Spire Deathmatch January 26, 2014 TBD 2016
S1E4 4 Murder Mystery February 19, 2014 TBD 2016
S1E5 5 Blox Hunt September 28, 2014 TBD 2016