Placecheck was an independent Robloxian "place review" show hosted by Drex112. The series would "review" one place each episode, and would have only lasted one season due to Drex's other projects. Placecheck, while advertised as a place review show by Drex112, is little more than a place play-through, unlike network competitors Placejumping, PlaceView, and The Best Game. After negative reviews from BenzBot, the series was cancelled after one episode on February 17, 2014.

Criticism and cancellationEdit

BenzBot, host of Placejumping and owner of the rTV Networks which many of Drex's other projects are scheduled to air on, said after watching the first episode of Placecheck that "I hope Drex's other work is much better than this, or I might think twice about broadcasting his shows long-term." After hearing the comment, drex112 was really disappointed that the show received a negative review, and a few hours later, Drex112 announced he had cancelled Placecheck, and that he is making a film to be released in late March 2014 that Drex believes will change BenzBot's position on his work; this movie may be The Three Stars.


Episode Place Airdate
Jumping Jacks Can You Escape the Temple? February 17, 2014
Who Killed Him? Murder Mystery Cancelled

Episode 1Edit

Placecheck Episode 1 Season 1

Placecheck Episode 1 Season 1