Overtime Studios, also simply referred to as Overtime, is a ROBLOX television studio run by ROBLOX TV veteran AGavent. The studio specializes in making second-party TV shows for TV channels on ROBLOX. Overtime is also a primary member of the Roblox Television Networks Group, being the first primary member of the alliance that doesn't own any networks. The company is headquartered at the Overtime Headquarters and Studios, where they also produce their shows on their own soundstages.

History Edit

Shortly after the dissolution of AGavent's television conglomerate Gavent Networks on March 31, 2017, he "almost immediately felt guilty" about leaving the industry, according to conversations with other ROBLOX TV company owners. On April 12, 2017, AGavent officially announced the creation of Overtime Studios as an independent studio producing exclusive content for various content partners. Soon after the studio's launch, the Roblox Television Networks Group reinstated AGavent's status as a primary member of the group, with Overtime inheriting the status formerly held by the former Gavent Networks. This would make Overtime the very first primary member of the Roblox Television Networks Group that didn't own any networks. One day later, AGavent announced three "content partnerships", with rTV Networks (which will distribute Gavent, formerly planned for AGavent's own GTV, which was acquired by rTVN following Gavent Networks' dissolution), Lava Lamp Entertainment (which will distribute a comedy series), and BugaMeister's production company Meister Media (which will partner with Overtime to produce multiple ROBLOX TV and ROBLOXiwood productions).

On June 1, 2017, Overtime announced a new joint-venture with rTV Networks named rTV3 Retro, dedicated to airing shows and shorts from the 1940s to the 1990s. This marks the first network Overtime will at least partially own after its founding, and the first network AGavent has been involved in since the closure of Gavent Networks.

Networks Edit

rTV3 Retro Edit

Main article: rTV3 Retro

Owned from: June 1, 2017-December 30, 2017

Broadcasting times: Unknown (possibly 24 hours a day)


rTV3 Retro is a joint-venture between Overtime Studios and rTV Networks. The network focuses on content from classic cartoon shorts, to shows from the 1990s. The network was founded after a request to start a network with rTVN, in which the owner BenzBot agreed. Overtime will handle finding and sourcing content for the network, while rTVN will handle the general management of the network itself.

Realtalk Edit

Main article: Realtalk

Owned from: July 23, 2017-present

Broadcasting times: Unknown

Realtalk is a millennial-centered network, focusing on content about current situations, as well as comedic and relevant shows. The network was announced at RTNG MediaCon Summer 2017, and is Overtime's first network which they will have full control of. The network is inspired by the IRL network Viceland, and will air content that airs on that network.