Our Voices, also known as Our Voices Political News, is a Robloxian political news channel owned by AAK Corporation, and available exclusively on the roTV platform. The channel focuses on IRL politics, including news, policies, and analysis. The channel claims to be more conservative-leaning than its competitors (for example, Blox News Channel), but offers perspectives from both liberal and conservative sides. Content on the channel is hosted by AAK owner AwesomeAlexK, and additional anchors are planned for the channel.

Programming Edit

  • News Analysis (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 10am CT; rerun Wednesday 1pm CT)
    • Weekend News Analysis (Monday, 10am CT, encore at 1pm CT)
    • This Week: News Analysis (Friday, 10am CT)
  • Top 5 (Tuesday and Sunday, 11:15am CT)
  • Lunchtime! News and Talk (Tuesday and Friday, 11:45am CT)
  • Evening News (Monday through Saturday, 3:45pm CT; encore Thursday 4:20pm CT)

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