Original Livestream (sometimes still referred to as just Livestream) is an online live streaming video platform that allows users to view and broadcast video content using a camera and computer through the internet. It offers a free ad-supported service as well as multi-tiered premium services. Since September 2009, it has offered channel pages to stream events, with integrated chat and social capabilities. It has been used for concerts, major political events, and IRL local news affiliates, outside of its use in the Robloxian television industry.



Livestream launched as Mogulus in 2007, and was created by Max Haot, Dayananda Nanjundappa, Phil Worthington, and Mark Kornfilt. The company has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Bangalore. Livestream launched its Pro premium service in April 2008. In September 2009, Mogulus was rebranded as Livestream.


Livestream is both a virtual television studio and embeddable video player, offering users the opportunity to produce and broadcast Web video in the manner of a television network. Users can stream live video or broadcast pre-recorded video in their channels, utilizing multiple cameras and on-screen graphics. Users may also collaborate with other producers anywhere in the world.

Limitations Edit

In 2013, Livestream changed its format to a more events-based service, completely redesigning its format and abandoning the TV channel-style setup. Currently, new accounts can still be created on what is now called "Original Livestream" provided people go here directly, and "New Livestream" accounts can also be created. New Original Livestream channels can also still be created on existing Original Livestream accounts.

Use in Robloxian televisionEdit

Original Livestream is used heavily throughout the Robloxian television industry; it is popular in part due to the format of its broadcasting backend, Livestream Studio, which functions very similarly to the playout control room of a television channel. Programming and clips can be cued, overlays and bugs placed, and various graphical elements can be designed and inserted into the broadcast. Additionally, an autopilot feature is available for such things as off-air loops. rTV Networks has been testing the usage of the autopilot as the main method of broadcast for a channel, starting with its premium channel rTV2, although the first channel that successfully used autopilot as its main broadcast method was Lava Lamp Entertainment's Cartoon Everything (followed by rTV2's sister channel, rTV3).

Every major company in the Robloxian television industry, as well as most small and midsize companies, has used the Original Livestream platform at one point or another for one or more of their channels. This includes rTV Networks, Roblox Networks Television, and the DragonDipperBlossom/Dipper Fresh Studios/Hexahedron Media Networks channels, among others.

Gavent Networks formerly used Ustream, but later switched to Original Livestream. The defunct company TamatedRNetworks also used Original Livestream for its channels, TRN and the proposed TRN2. RoTV's canceled roChannels were also slated to use the platform.

Due to its widespread usage, Original Livestream is supported by all of the current Robloxian premium television services. All of these services have supported the platform from their respective launches, but roTV, due to launching several months before its current competitors, technically supported the platform first.

Planned obsolescence Edit

On July 25, 2017, it was announced that support for Adobe Flash Player would be discontinued by both Adobe and most browsers by the end of 2020. The Original Livestream platform is run on Adobe Flash Player; therefore once Flash Player support is discontinued, Original Livestream will be essentially rendered unusable, as Livestream has no plans to further development of the Original Livestream platform to protect it from this change. After hearing the news, the Robloxian Television Networks Group started discussions with many members of the industry to find ways to "future-proof" Robloxian television (a goal which has been desirable since the and the end of company support for Original Livestream).

Closure Edit

On April 4, 2018, Livestream sent an email to all users of Original Livestream stating that Original Livestream would be shutting down on July 9, 2018. This has serious implications for much of the industry, which still uses the platform for most channels.