Newcastlefan was a British Robloxian talk show, premiering on October 27, 2011. The program ran for three seasons, but, as is the norm with British television, only a few episodes are produced each season (compared to the twenty-plus episode season runs of most American series). Season one contained four episodes, season two contained five, and the third season so far contains three. The series will air on rTV , Gavent Network , and RN at the times of their respective launches.

On the program, Newcastlefan talks to various guests, and sometimes dances. The series is somewhat based off of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a popular real-life talk show which has been copied numerous times as the basis of Robloxian talk shows, most famously RPN's Jonathan.

Thanks mostly to the partnership between rTV NetworksGavent Television Group, and Roblox Networks (but further reinforced by the Roblox Television Networks Group), both rTVN's namesake flagship rTV, GTG's flagship Gavent Network, and RNTV's flagship RN will be airing new episodes at the times of their respective relaunches. rTV has not aired any episodes of the program yet, nor Gavent Network, while RN has aired two, during their two week airing period as RN1.

Originally, episodes were in 4:3 standard definition. Starting with Season 2, Episode 3 (and all episodes occuring thereafter), episodes will be produced in 16:9 high definition. This was also the first episode to use RTRS ratings.

Reboot of the seriesEdit

Host newcastlefan118 was thinking about relaunching Newcastlefan as a talk show based on a different IRL talk show. The reboot, titled New, did not have much information other than the name. As of the name change, these plans were scrapped.

Name ChangeEdit

On October 24, 2013, newcastlefan118 changed his name to SuperLemonade, to match his user name on other online accounts. On January 11, 2014, SuperLemonade explained that he would continue Newcastlefan under a different format, and under the name Lemon. The show launched as #Lemon on May 23, 2014; however after low ratings, it was retooled and launched as The Lemon Show on February 28, 2015.


There are twelve episodes of Newcastlefan.

Season, Episode No. in series Events of the program YouTube release rTV airdate RN airdate GN airdate
1, 1 1 Newcastlefan tours his set and interviews dw31dw14. October 27, 2011 N/A August 9, 2012 (as RN1) N/A
1, 2 2 Newcastlefan118 speaks with himself and reviews a place. October 27, 2011 N/A August 16, 2012 (as RN1) N/A
1, 3 3 Halloween Special. Guest is 20scoobydoo. October 31, 2011 N/A N/A N/A
1, 4 4 Guest is wolfieboy551. November 1, 2011 N/A N/A N/A
2, 1 5 Guest is 20scoobydoo. February 25, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
2, 2 6 In this episode, he begins to say things before the theme music begins (In this episode, "I can't believe it's not Sparta!") Guest is AwesomeGavent. April 5, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
2, 3 7 Phrase before theme is "Ohaider". Guests are girlatrah and BenzBot. First episode in HD and with RTRS ratings. April 11, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
2, 4 8 Phrase before theme: "HEY IT'S FFFFRRRRRRRREEEEEDDDDDD!" A review of the past two seasons of the series. May 26, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
3, 1 9 The line before the theme was "See you in hell!", which raised the RTRS rating to a PG. Guest was buddbudd222. July 21, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
3, 2 10 Opening line was "I like puppies!" Guest is Animalcross. September 4, 2012 N/A N/A N/A
3, 3 11 Newcastlefan's Birthday Bash Part One. First part of three. A Robloxian portraying Bridgit Mendler sings her song Hurricane. The song is censored in the YouTube release. April 27, 2013 N/A N/A N/A