Mighty News is an upcoming Robloxian television news channel that is owned by Mighty Networks. The re-launch date is being determined at this time as Announced by MightyPGK.

History Edit

On an unknown date, MNN announced that it will be relaunched soon. On October 2, 2017, It was announced that MNN would be rebranded as Mighty News with a refreshed logo.



  • XTVSN's Sports Lookout (Plays on both MSN and MNN) 
    • The Good Morning! News logo
    • The XTVN Logo
    • The Nightly News Logo
  • Movie Outlook of The Week


  • Good Morning! News
  • The Nightly News w/ MightyPGK
  • Health Of The Day!

Cancelled Edit

  • News at 11am & News at 12pm - Morphed into Good Morning! News.
  • Clip of The Week - Never left the development stage.

MN & MNN Edit

Mighty News is mainly owned by Mighty Networks, However, this is Mighty News' newscast.

Updates Edit

  • On November 10, 2015, BuddBudd222 helped Mighty Network by making a logo for the channel.The channel would like to thank buddbudd222.