The pilot episode of Mentally Disabled is about the 5 Kids who meet each other.

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Plot Edit

Nathaniel is admitted to the Robloxian Mental Hospital for Children after a fit of rage over sugar. He is put into a hospital bed, had a blood test taken, and all of that. He is healthy and is sent to the 4th floor, which is for Teenagers. There, he meets Dr. Tabiath, the Phycological Doctor, Nurse Trascy, and Mr. Ruthnie, the Therapist. He also meets Candice, 17 who has OCD, Jared, who is 16 and tried to cut himself, Isabella, 15, trying to seek refuge from her abusive parents, and Jake, 14, who attacked his own parents for an unknown reason. The 4 are watching TV in the Quiet Room. They are watching TeenTV, with a show about a group of students at Rolleso High. Nathaniel sits down and watches TV with them. He then eats dinner, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed.

Attributions and stuff Edit

  • Theme Song: Wildside
  • Nickleback soundtrack from that point on

Credits Edit

  • TBA as Jared
  • TBA as Nathaniel
  • TBA as Isabella
  • TBA as Jake
  • TBA as Candice
  • TBA as Dr. Tabiath
  • TBA as Nurse Trascy
  • TBA as Nurse #1
  • Directed by MightyPGK
  • VideoPad used as editing tool
  • Set by TBA

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