MNN is an upcoming Robloxian television news channel that is owned by Mighty Networks. The re-launch date is being determined at this time as Announced by MightyPGK.

History Edit




  • XTVSN's Sports Lookout (Plays on both MSN and MNN) 
    • The Good Morning! News logo
    • The XTVN Logo
    • The Nightly News Logo
  • Movie Outlook of The Week


  • Clip of The Week
  • Good Morning! News
  • The Nightly News w/ MightyPGK
  • Health Of The Day!

Cancelled Edit

  • News at 11am & News at 12pm - Morphed into Good Morning! News.

MN & MNN Edit

MNN is mainly owned by Mighty Networks, However, this is MNN's newscast.

Updates Edit

  • On November 10, 2015, BuddBudd222 helped XTVN by making a logo for the company. XTVN would like to thank buddbudd222.

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