Lockdown is an upcoming Robloxian television series which will air on Rnetwork when it launches in 2016. The action thriller is produced by rTV Productions, and will begin production in late 2015 or early 2016.


It is an unknown date several hundred years in the future. For years, highly intelligent robots have been working with humans at a secret base at an undisclosed location. One day, the robots gain sentience, and intend to kill. Now, the humans must reprogram or defeat the robots before the robots take over the base.


Lockdown was one of the first four series planned for Rnetwork. Of those series, only one other show has survived to this day -- Respawn.

The idea and the feeling of the series was honed by BenzBot back in 2012, thanks mainly to the song "This Machine" by The Naked and Famous, as well as the band's other "harder-feeling" work.

Work on the show, including scripts and casting, was set to begin in March 2014; however, BenzBot, owner of the rTV Networks and creator and producer of the series, took a hiatus in March 2014, and production of the series was delayed accordingly.

In August 2015, BenzBot announced a renewed commitment to the Robloxian TV industry, including Rnetwork. He hopes to get programming like this prepared in time for a 2016 launch.