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This is the list of all the channels that have or are expected to have carriage on the roTV premium television platform.

The channel numbering of the roTV service is set up similarly to some cable and satellite services: The first channel is numbered 101, the second channel is 102, and so on. In initial plans for the roTV service, the first ten channel positions would be used for major television companies' main and main secondary channels; channels 111 through 119 and 124 would be used for the roChannels, and all other channels (including channels from smaller television companies and secondary and tertiary channels from major television companies) taking channel positions 120 through 123 and position 125 onward.

The roChannels were effectively canceled on December 3, 2013, which caused a change in how channels were allocated on the platform, a change which reflects how the roTV service is managed to this day: prior to version 2.0, major-company main channels are placed on channel numbers 101 through 109 (with channels 105 through 109 especially generally being allocated to major or mid-sized television companies' primary channels); the roPlay Channel (the surviving remnant of the roChannels project) at position 110, and all other channels taking positions 111 onward, initially starting with the secondary channels of major television companies and moving downward to smaller television companies (although since the service has expanded greatly since the initial slate of channels was released, this no longer necessarily applies). Channel positions are typically issued on a first-come, first-serve basis, with randomized allocation; although if multiple channels are launching on the service at the same time, as is often the case, they may be grouped by ownership.

Starting in v2.0, released on August 20, 2017, the roPlay Channel moved down to channel 111, and the channels were reshuffled, generally from largest companies to smallest channels, to reflect the expansion of the industry in the two and a half years since the initial launch of the service. This caused some smaller companies who had channel numbers which were higher and more prominent in the larger channel list, through tenure, to move down to positions more respective of their size and popularity.

As of September 24, 2017, one hundred and eleven channels are available on the service.

Confirmed channelsEdit

Current Edit

* roTV exclusive

Upcoming Edit

  • Seven to-be-determined exclusive channels from Lava Lamp Entertainment (currently labeled "LLEX1" through "LLEX7")

Former Edit

Miscellaneous carriage detailsEdit

The proposed future channels of the rTV Networks will be added automatically if or as they launch. ROX Pictures' Robloxian version of MuchMusic (which was approved of by its real-life namesake channel) was unconfirmed due to licensing issues but was later canceled. Despite ownership by rTV Networks, ROFlix, the sole channel of the subsidiary rTV Networks RoFlix was never approved by the RTNG for roTV prior to its closure in early 2015.

Carriage disputesEdit


TamatedRNetworks was the third founding member of the RTNG and was originally going to be carried on the platform. When the roChannels were announced, TamatedRNetworks dropped their carriage agreement from the service. TRN wanted the roChannels to contain original content before they agreed to a carriage deal. The demise of the roChannels opened the path to TRN's carriage on the service, and in February 2014, the channels were finally added to the service. The channels were later removed due to TRN's closure.

Buddbudd StudiosEdit

On January 3, 2014, BBN and BBN News 24 were removed from their channel positions (113 and 114) due to ongoing incidents involving buddbudd222's and BBN's actions towards the rest of the industry. Originally, BenzBot wanted to keep the channels on the service until they were replaced by other new channels, but Tamated, Kian667, and Samsung9, of the then-former TamatedRNetworks, advocated for swift removal of the channels. The channels returned in late January.

Buddbudd Studios pulled BBN and BBN News 24 on February 14, 2014 due to then-ongoing disagreements with the Roblox Television Networks Group. They were restored an unknown amount of time later.

BBN and BBN News were pulled from RoTV and all other providers on January 24, 2017 due to their closure.

JWR NetworkEdit

On May 13, 2017, at around 2am ET with the release of version 1.4 of the service, JWR Network was pulled from roTV, likely due to Joshua World Corporation's controversial comments regarding LGBT people and Muslims, mirroring similar moves by Amicable, BBS Player and DOGEdigital (then known as DigiBLOCKS). On May 31, 2017, it was confirmed that JWR had been removed due to the ongoing Joshua World Corporation homophobia scandal, and as it continues it does not seem likely that JWR will return to the service.