Lava Sports 2 is an upcoming Robloxian sports channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment, through its Lava Sports division. The channel will feature overflow sports programming from sister channel Lava Sports 1, events from smaller Robloxian leagues, "niche" sports, and sports-related reality programming. The channel is exclusive to the Amicable premium television service.


Lava Lamp Entertainment launched their Lava Sports division in October 2016 along with three new channels: Lava Sports 1, Lava Sports 2 and Lava Sports 3 (now defunct). For a while, little progress was made in the development of the services, with Lava Lamp opting to focus on niche channels such as Cartoon Everything. Lava Lamp then revealed a logo for Lava Sports 2 with no prior announcement (similar to the logo reveal for Lava Sports 1) on June 7, 2017.


Lava Sports 2 is currently set to feature overflow programming from its sister channel Lava Sports 1, as well as "niche" sports and sports-focused reality programming, the likes of which are currently unknown.

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