Knowledge was a Robloxian television channel, owned by rTV Networks Gavent. It was focused on educational content for ROBLOXians, like game tutorials, walkthroughs, and ROBLOX Studio tutorials. The channel was closed on May 26, 2017, and was converted into rTV Life.

History Edit

The channel was originally launched as a channel owned by Hexahedron Media Networks, launched on November 20, 2015, along with now-defunct former sister channel Hexahedron Sci-Trek. The channel was originally planned to be a Hexahedron Direct exclusive, however after DragonDipperBlossom closed the service, the network was up in the air.

In September of 2016, DragonDipperBlossom and AGavent planned to relaunch and rebrand Hexahedron Knowledge as a joint-venture, with both sides contributing shows and blocks. However, DragonDipperBlossom later announced that he was leaving ROBLOX, only weeks before the official announcement of Hexahedron Knowledge at RTNG MediaCon Winter 2017. However, due to AGavent's trust in the idea of an education network, and AGavent already creating a new logo for the channel prior to the announcement, AGavent announced that due to Dragon's departure, the network would be renamed to just Knowledge, and AGavent would continue development of the network alone. AGavent also announced the network would be free-to-air, and that he would begin talks to have the service available on two other major TV providers, Amicable and BBS Player (Amicable started carrying the service on January 19, 2017).

On March 31, 2017, AGavent closed Gavent Networks, and gave four of the company's five channels, including Knowledge, to rTV Networks, who relaunched the rTV Networks Gavent subsidiary to manage them. Currently, the future of the channel is unclear, as rTV Networks focuses on building other channels and integrating the former Gavent Networks channels into rTVN.

In May 2017, rumors surfaced that rTVN was thinking about retooling Knowledge into "a Robloxian culture and lifestyle channel", to compete with a new channel being launched by a competitor, as well as converting Knowledge from a free-to-air channel to a basic premium channel. All the rumors were confirmed, and Knowledge was relaunched as rTV Life on May 26, 2017.

Programming Edit

At the time of closure, all programming was transferred to rTV Life.

Acquired Edit

  • Buga's Studio Tutorials (2017-present)

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