Kian667 was the co-owner of TamatedRNetworks. He started playing Roblox on August 12, 2008, aged 7. Following the closure of TamatedRnetworks in August 2014, he has been inactive in the Robloxian TV community.


Prior to TamatedRNetworksEdit

Kian667 had always created sets, either based on TV shows or just ideas. He had started a production company, Kian667 Studios. It was a small company, but Kian had a partnership with YouTube Broadcasting Company, which started in March 2011.  


After gradually losing contact with his partnership, Kian was bored looking at sets. He was on Lenned's page, where in the bio, it said, "Contact Tamated for a show". Kian then rushed to find him, and sent him a message reading, "Do you lvie [sic] in the uk?". Tamated did, and a conversation started. Kian's show was Robloxia Street, a spin-off of popular IRL British soap opera Coronation Street. After a tour of a set, and meeting StageCoach, Tamated and Kian made an idea of a TV awards, to be hosted the next month, July.

The Award Show Sold 500 tickets, at a price of R$1. Only 30 people attended, but ties between the two group owners were getting stronger. They started emailing, then finally Skyping each other.

Kian soon became the co-owner of TamatedRNetworks, and ran TRN Studios. He presented a number of the company's shows and produced, filmed and edited some of them.

Open Jar ProductionsEdit

On December 28, 2013, Kian667 founded Open Jar Productions, an independent production company that worked on TamatedRNetworks' then-former programming. The first show set to be made was Robloxia Street, which was created by Kian, and was planned to be broadcast by rTV. The following agreement was cancelled when TRN returned on January 29, 2014, with Open Jar then becoming TRN Productions.

Outside of ROBLOXEdit

Kian likes video editing, TV, annoying people on Skype, and gaming. His favorite game is GTA V, likes the film Cool Runnings, and enjoys comedies, most of them American. Kian prefers Xbox to Playstation and has an Xbox One.