Ketrell Live

The set of season one of Ketrell Live.

Ketrell Live Promo00:33

Ketrell Live Promo

Ketrell Live is an upcoming Robloxian daytime talk show that is based on the format of the former talk show Anderson Live. The show will be hosted by ketrell123 and will have a guest co-host for each episode, and it was expected to air on BLNetwork on December 1, 2016.

History Edit

On the summer of 2015 ketrell123 started to get interested in Robloxian tv shows. He started watching shows like The Lemon show, The Jonathanroxcp show, and PlaceView. So he got inspired to make his own show. Ketrell123 purportedly went around to every Robloxian TV network out there and asked them to sign on his show, but he got no response. Ketrell123 decided that he would make his own Robloxian TV network and start producing his own Robloxian TV show.

Season Episoide Description Air Date
1 1 Dragon leaving Roblox?; Co-Host Robloxian tv Personality and Ceo of Mighty Network MigthyPGK 1/4/17

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