Joshua World Corporation is a Robloxian media conglomerate formed in November 2015, responsible for various games, films and television shows. They also are former owners of JWR Network, which was sold to Bloxia on May 3, 2017, however JWC continued to have control over some aspects of the network until May 8, 2017. On May 13, 2017, Joshua World reacquired the channel in a deal that saw Bloxia and Joshua World begin joint operations of the network.


Joshua World Corporation was founded on November 26, 2015. The company initially started making films and TV shows such as The Pickle Pig and John Questo until they launched JWR Network on December 1, 2016. They released their first game, The Joshua World Obby, on February 7, 2017.

JWR Network was sold to TheMagRBLX's Bloxia on May 3, 2017; Joshua World continued to operate the network itself until May 8, 2017, when Bloxia took away their operational control due to controversial comments about Islamic and LGBT people. Joshua World Corporation had repeatedly denied the legitimacy of the deal until a settlement was reached on May 13.



Film Name Release Date
The Pickle Pig September 23, 2016
The Old Woman's Nightshifts October 28, 2016
Sophie on the Bus November 4, 2016
Tossed Salad November 17, 2016
A Very Busy Christmas December 16, 2016
The Strange Sound in the House January 13, 2017
The Crazy Trip February 10, 2017
Amy's Shop Mystery March 23, 2017
Granny's Time Machine April 28, 2017
Discovering Robloxian Time May 26, 2017

TV showsEdit

  • John Questo (2016-present)
  • Jerry Creamer (2016-present)


Discrimination scandalEdit

Main article: Joshua World Corporation discrimination scandal

JWR Network ownership disputeEdit

Following JWR Network's apparent acquisition by Bloxia on May 3, 2017, Joshua World Corporation has repeatedly denied that Bloxia owns the network, stating that they misinterpreted Bloxia's acquisition proposal as a Vivo carriage proposal. Lava Lamp Entertainment and Buddbudd Studios have spoken out in Bloxia's favor, with LLE stating “screenshots make it clear as day that Joshua World gave up the channel to Bloxia” A settlement was reached on May 13, 2017, with Joshua World reacquiring the network and Bloxia entering an operational agreement with Joshua World where both companies would operate the network.

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