On July 5th, 2017, Joshua World Corporation , which was involved in other previous scandals and lawsuits, filed a lawsuit against AAK Media and Broadcasting Co. , originating with a lawsuit against only AAK Network . It later turned into a corporation lawsuit. The court date was July 6th, 2017 and the judge was WeepinnWillow .

Joshua World's lawsuit Edit

Joshua Reed filed a lawsuit on July 5th after finding out that The Thinking Cap , specifically the episode The Thinking Cap/Kardas**tans, Questos and Creamers had "roasted Joshua World", in his words(defamation). Even though this WAS present, Joshua made other claims about AAK as a whole without any evidence brought to court. Willow, the judge, saw this humor as free speech, and that Joshua tried to shut it down, which can be sue-able.

Thus, after Joshua's terrible court conduct, stalling, and disregard for evidence against him, WeepinnWillow ruled in favor of AwesomeAlexK and AAK Media and Broadcasting Co.

AAK Co Counter Lawsuit Edit

Following right after, AAK Co. filed a counter-lawsuit due to Joshua World Corporation and specifically Joshua Reed attempting to silence free speech, and due to false rumors/hoaxes/lies made about the company and staff. AAK presented proper evidence, however Joshua Reed did not defend himself or his company, therefore WeepinnWillow ruled again in AAK's favor.

The consequence for Joshua World's actions has not yet been decided.