Jonmar Live is an upcoming talk show that will air on REN  and rTV.


Jonmar Live was orignally called Jonathan Live, that aired on the now-defunctt JOX & BBN 1 (now BBN). It was previously produced by Jonathan Live Studios, before closing their doors on June 8th, 2013. 

New name & new networksEdit

When host Jonmar1 requested to air his talk show on rTV, and was approved by BenzBot, Jonmar had to change the name of the program, due to possible name confusion with The Jonathanroxcp Show, which is usually shortened to Jonathan, produced by ROX Pictures (Rox RPN), so the name was changed to Jonmar Live. Also, when Jonmar1 bought RTN, he chose his show and his friend PlaceCheckers101's talk show, Late Night with Place, to be the first series on the network.

Episodes Edit

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 "Pilot":

Guests: Buddbudd222, Padrig

Air Date: June 2014

Episode 2 "Roblox Inventions":

Guests: TBA

Air Date: June 2014

Episode 3 "New Talk Shows"

Guests: Benzbot (planned), PlaceCheckers101 (planned)

Air Date: June 2014