jonmar1 is a ROBLOXian known for being the founder/chief meteorologist of WeatherNOW, former owner of RoFlix, and

the host of the Roblox Music Network show, Top 10 Topper.


jonmar1 wanted to find a nice online game to play. He found many online games, but liked ROBLOX the most. When he joined in 2011, he had trouble with building. For his first few places, he used free models without giving credit, not knowing that because he was new.


In 2012, he got BC for 6 months and he met buddbudd222, a busy Robloxian, who offered him a show on his network BBN 1, which never aired until later that year. His show was called The Jonmar Show (now Jonmar Live). The show had a lot of staff, but only aired one episode, which can be found here. He did make an agreement with BBS for 1 season of The Jonmar Show, but it was canceled after its first episode for an unknown reason. After that, he quit studio production for a year.

Back to Studio ProductionEdit

In 2013, Buddbudd222, jonmar's former business partner, met up with him to discuss new show plans for BBN 1 and wanted him to have a show on the channel. The show was agreed upon, and it was called Jonathan Live. It took too much to start the show, so jonmar canceled the new show in June 2013. He did start his own network, JOX, in May 2013, when his show was still in production, but JOX was closed down when Jonathan Live got canceled.

jonmar2000's HackingEdit

jonmar2000 got hacked at around midnight on August 6, 2013. He created a new account, jonmar1, on the same day.

Today Edit

In 2017, jonmar1 has got a great opportunity from Gavent Networks to host a new series called Top 10 Topper on Roblox Music Television. He also founded WeatherNOW, ROBLOX's newest weather channel. He is the network's chief meteorologist.