JWR Network is a Robloxian television channel owned by Joshua World Corporation, with both Bloxia and Joshua World controlling the network, launched on December 1, 2016. Joshua World Corporation formerly owned the network until May 3, 2017, when Bloxia acquired it; Joshua World continued to have operational control of the channel until Bloxia took it away five days later due to controversial comments made by Joshua World. On May 13, 2017, Joshua World reacquired ownership of the network, with both Joshua World and Bloxia operating the network.


JWR Network Logo

Former logo, used until May 9, 2017.

JWR Network was quietly announced several months before its launch, although it wouldn't be available on many providers until February 2017, when RoTV, Amicable and BBS Player added the channel to their services. The network launched two original series upon its launch: John Questo and Jerry Creamer.

Removal from Amicable and DigiBLOCKSEdit

On May 3, 2017, JWR Network was pulled from the Amicable and DigiBLOCKS lineups due to "'homophobic' and 'discriminatory' comments" made by its then-owner Joshua World Corporation. Amicable announced the next day that Hexahedron Horizons would replace JWR on the service. This very move by the two providers was part of the reason Joshua World would divest the network to Bloxia.

Bloxia acquisitionEdit

Shortly after the channel's removal from Amicable, Joshua World Corporation divested ownership of the network to TheMagRBLX's Bloxia company. Joshua World Corporation continued to control the network's operations for the next few days.

Removal from BBS PlayerEdit

On May 6, 2017, Buddbudd Studios announced that due to the same controversial comments that lead to Amicable and DigiBLOCKS dropping the service, JWR Network would be pulled from BBS Player, making them the third provider to drop the channel. The channel was removed on May 7, 2017. It was initially set to return after 30 days, however, following more controversial comments that caused Joshua World Corporation's removal from the Roblox Television Networks Group and Robloxian Broadcasting Exchange, the current possibility of the network's return is unknown.

Joshua World loses operational controlEdit

On May 8, 2017, Bloxia allegedly took away Joshua World's operational control of the network due to controversial comments made by the latter about Muslims and LGBT people, which made the future of the network uncertain.


On May 9, 2017, Bloxia announced that they would be rebranding JWR Network, with a new graphics package and logo reminiscent of IRL channel Up. Bloxia announced that a majority of current JWR shows (which mainly consisted of acquired Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior programs) would be taken off the network and replaced with newer content such as All Hail King Julien. Due to a major dispute involving the network's ownership, it was unknown if the rebrand would be implemented. However, after Joshua World and Bloxia began joint operations of the network, the two companies agreed to go forward with Bloxia's rebranding.

Removal from roTVEdit

On May 13, 2017 at around 2:00 am EST with the release of update v1.4, the network was pulled from roTV, likely due to the same controversial comments that caused its removal from Amicable, BBS Player and DigiBLOCKS. This meant that JWR was now absent from the top three Robloxian providers (Amicable, RoTV and BBS Player).

TCA Player Edit

TheCanadianAskew43, owner of TCA Roblox, asked Joshua Reed if JWR Network could be carried on TCA Player. Controversial comments from Buddbudd222 and AwesomeAlexK threatening to pull their channels from TCA Player made TCA turn down the agreement. Talks are now in place to add JWR Network onto TCA Player without threatens or complaints.

Infinitive Edit

Despite previous situations and problems, AAK Media and Broadcasting Co. permitted JWR Network and JWR Kids on their Infinitive platform

Lightning Player Edit

Despite the controversies JNetworks added JWR Network And JWR Kids to their Lightning Player Service

SmartPlayer Edit

JWR Network is now permitted on SmartPlayer after 4 months of ban.


Current programmingEdit

"*" represents original programming

Future programmingEdit

JWR KidsEdit

JWR Kids is a kids block on JWR Network on December 1, 2016. It lasts from 8 a.m. noon to 4 p.m. Central Time. It was meant to launch on January 1, 2017, but its launch was pushed forward.


Current ProgrammingEdit

Ownership disputeEdit

Following the network's apparent acquisition by Bloxia on May 3, 2017, Joshua World Corporation has repeatedly denied that Bloxia owns the network, stating that they misinterpreted Bloxia's acquisition proposal as a Vivo carriage proposal. Lava Lamp Entertainment and Buddbudd Studios have spoken out in Bloxia's favor, with LLE stating "screenshots make it clear as day that Joshua World gave up the channel to Bloxia". A settlement was reached on May 13, 2017, with Joshua World reacquiring the network and Bloxia entering an operational agreement with Joshua World where both companies would operate the network.

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