JOX was a network that never launched.


JOX was started by jonmar2000 & buddbudd222 in May 2013 and ended in June 2013. It was in a company called, Jonathan Live Studios (now Jonmar Productions). 


Jonmar2000 posted a post on the forum about "wanting shows" for his network, JOX and their partners. He got alot of replies. Here is a list of the show that were planned:

  • Jonathan Live (now Jonmar Live & airs on RTN)
  • Roblox Indiana Jones
  • The Science Geeks
  • In the Papers (now airs on BBN 1)
  • Gossip.TV (now airs on RTN)
  • JOX News (now Roblox News Network)
  • The Padrig Show


Jonmar2000 quietly closed JOX on June 8th, 2013, due to an unknown reason.

New NetworkEdit

RTN replaced JOX in Early July. RTN was orignally owned by DeMarkay, but gave it up. RTN was not doing well before Jonmar2000 took over. In September 2013, Jonmar renamed RTN as REN, given that they now had the name rights for REN from rTV Networks.