JERK (stylized as JEЯK) was a Robloxian production and distribution company last owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment. It was initially founded to handle productions created for services and platforms outside of the Gavent Networks suite of television channels. This has included productions and co-productions for other Robloxian television networks, and more recently, Robloxiwood film productions as well. JERK also served as Gavent Networks' distribution arm.


The company began as Gavent&Company on November 11, 2014; it was renamed and refocused as JERK on April 29, 2016. On October 18, 2016, JERK was spun off from Gavent Networks, during production of their debut film, due to Gavent Networks wanting to focus on ROBLOX TV. However, ownership remained the same.

On March 31, 2017, AGavent announced his departure from Robloxian media. As part of his departure, JERK was acquired by rTV Networks; it was initially held through its rTV Networks Gavent division which owned most of the former Gavent Networks, prior to the integration of GN's television properties into rTV Networks proper; then owned directly by rTV Networks once rTVN Gavent was dissolved. On December 2, 2017, rTV Networks sold JERK to Lava Lamp Entertainment, a move which rTVN owner BenzBot states will "help the network better focus on its vibrant Robloxian television properties". On July 9, 2018, as part of ongoing cutbacks at Lava Lamp, JERK was merged into Get Scared Productions. Of all the programs being produced by JERK at the time, only RN co-production Wonderland was transferred to Get Scared Productions as Lava Lamp was not interested in the Bruce Wayne franchise.

Programs produced by JERKEdit

Films produced by JERKEdit

  • Bruce Wayne: Court of Owls (N/A, with Ultra Studios, Route 66 Productions, and The Unknown Studios)
  • Untitled Bruce Wayne Sequel (N/A, with Ultra Studios, Route 66 Productions. and The Unknown Studios)
  • Carlo County Outlaws (2014-2018) (currently owned by Moongazer Productions)