iiBloxUp (formerly jory59) is a former producer, actor, and director from New Blockers City. he founded BloxUp Productions in March 2015. Back when he was called jory59, iiBloxUp played Jory on Good vs. Evil (called Jory and Beeswax's All That from Season 1 to Season 3), from May 2015 to October 2015 with lordbeeswax123, when the series ended, he went on to play Jory again for Good vs. Evil the movie. in October 2015, he and toonlink880 started a series called "Kings of Robloxia" where they played two gangsters who wanted to take over the town of Robloxia. other series he was in were Hospital Nightmare (March 2015), TMVS (April 2015), and Can You Survive (July 2015-October 2015). iiBloxUp stopped uploading videos on BloxUpTV in March 2016, in October 2016, he announced that he would be closing BloxUp Productions and he would start other projects.
Iibloxup in new blockers city

iiBloxUp in New Blockers City

in early 2017, iiBloxUp was caught trolling with lordbeeswax123 and Pwnz0r_Gaming.

Its safe to say his career as a producer, actor, and director is over.

he announced in July 2017 that it is correct that his career as a producer, actor, and director is over and he said that he would be trolling with lordbeeswax123 and Pwnz0r_Gaming.

toonlink880 says he fully supports iiBloxUp's decision and he hopes to join them one day.

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