iBlocks is an upcoming action drama slated for release in the Fall of 2017. It follows the life of an unnamed protagonist, simply called 'Ombre' (French for shadow) as he uses his special 'hacking' abilities to fight against an evil corporation plotting numerous terrorist attacks across the world of Robloxia.

Originally, the show was planned for DogeTV, however, after its acquisition by rTV Networks, it was moved to SuperLol211's new channel, RT1. On June 16th, after RTC's acquisition by rTV Networks, iBlocks was yet again moved, this time to RNT1.

Synopsis Edit

Season 1 (2017) Edit

The first season follows the protagonist, initially learning that the company L.I.V.E is behind multiple terrorist attacks across the globe, and begins to fight against the threats and attacks they launch.

Season 2 Edit


Episodes Edit

Season Episodes First Aired Last Aired
1 15 Fall 2017 TBA
2 15 TBA TBA

Season 1 (2017) Edit

Ep Title Synopsis First Aired
Pilot Ombre makes a 'friend'. TBA
Just In Time Ombre stops a terrorist attack. TBA

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