Hexahedron Link (formerly known as Hexahedron Direct) is a Robloxian on-demand service and former premium television service that is developed by Hexahedron Media Networks and Dipper Fresh Communications. The service launched on September 14, 2015 as Hexahedron Direct, and later shut down on August 1, 2016 after becoming FreshForce. It relaunched in April 14, 2017 as Hexahedron Link.

On May 12. 2017, after 15 channels were implemented into Hexahedron Link, it was announced that Hexahedron Link will shift its focus to a on-demand format that will offer exclusive or other available content from either HTN or other television companies. The format will be similar to its predecessor, FreshForce, but plans to have new agreements from other television companies.

Programming Edit

Upcoming Edit

Original Edit

  • Wxtch (also a Hexahedron Network-series)
  • Recovered (revival to the Hexahedron Direct/FreshForce-series)
  • Sunset & Blue (also a Motion-series)

Acquired Edit

  • TBA

Channels Edit

Hexahedron Link had fifteen channels planned for the service at the time the premium television arm of the service shut down. Most of the channels available on Hexahedron Link were available on other providers; Hexahedron Horizons, the lone exclusive channel, instead effectively became an exclusive to the competing Amicable service.

Channels available at closure Edit

Channels removed earlier Edit

*Original channel, announced at launch

**Channel from outside distributors, added later

***Hexahedron Link-exclusive channel

Carriage disputesEdit

Cartoon Everything/BoomerangEdit

Initially, Hexahedron Link refused to carry Cartoon Everything and Boomerang due to a policy against supposed "rip-off channels". Hexahedron quickly dropped the policy shortly after they instated it, opening the door for Cartoon Everything/Boomerang carriage on the service.

Hexahedron Hub Edit

Hexahedron Hub, formerly known as The Mainframe was a video-on-demand service for Hexahedron Direct. It shows some channels that have original shows or movies that have been produced by other Robloxian channels.

On December 1, 2015, Hexahedron Media Networks announced that The Mainframe will be renamed to Hexahedron Hub on January 1, 2016. However in May 2016, Hexahedron Hub was shut down and replaced with On Demand.

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