Harmony (stylized as harmony) is an upcoming Robloxian general entertainment channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment, meant to serve as, in LLE's words, the counterpart of rTV Max for the company's Amicable premium television service. The channel primarily consists of acquired programming and original series such as Placemania!.

History Edit

Development of rTV Max began in January 2015 between what is now LLE and rTV Networks. For rTVN, rTV Max was a secondary priority; a niche outlet available in addition to the company's existing slate of channels (including their main general entertainment channel, rTV). To LLE, however, rTV Max served as the start of their company, and served as its flagship and its primary priority. These conflicting intentions for the channel have become more pronounced in recent times, as rTV Networks reaffirmed its intention to keep rTV Max exclusive to the roTV platform. This effectively left Lava Lamp's own premium television service Amicable without their own (at the time) flagship channel. Harmony was created to act as a "second flagship", in their words on par with rTV Max for the most part but also including additional kinds of programming, such as movies, thus making it more similar to rTVN's rTV. Development of the channel began in October 2016 under the working name of Sopusia (the Finnish translation of "amicable"), and on November 6, 2016, Lava Lamp announced the channel's permanent name as Harmony. Lava Lamp says the name of the channel and the Amicable service is about "how we want to present ourselves to the industry and to customers. We want to be seen as the friendliest in Robloxian television along with our first class programming". The channel's first original series, Placemania!, a place review show, was also announced on that date.

Programming Edit

Harmony currently plans to air one original series: Placemania!, along with repeats of programming acquired from other networks and sister network rTV Max.

On April 2, 2017, Lava Lamp ordered another series for Harmony, the talk show Ashley (now known as Willow as of April 30, 2017).