Drex112 is a professional director and actor, as well as a scriptwriter and producer. His notable works include the upcoming series The Federal States. Drex112 is currently working with Gamerwalk, a popular Robloxiwood director, to produce the film Conmen. Drex112 joined in October 2011, and is one of only two directors in the Robloxian TV industry to use crime or drama in his work; the other director is BenzBot.


Just like AGavent and BenzBot, Drex112 has played games other than Roblox, playing FreeRealms and Wizard101 and famous online first-person shooter game Crossfire. On October 15, 2011, Drex112 found ROBLOX. A few days later, Drex112 joined ROBLOX and he began enjoying the game. On November 2012, Drex112 began his work as a director and started off from there after seeing the failure of his The Federal States in 2011.

Drex112 lives in London, and began playing online games at the age of 7, starting his journey through games like FreeRealms and Wizard101. After getting tired of fighting the ogres of Well City, Drex112 laid off of quest-based online games and after a few days found ROBLOX. Drex112 was so intrigued with ROBLOX, he would play it over 20 times a day without getting bored. After learning of The Mafia Films and CosimoValuta, Drex112 decided that he would make his own movies and television series. He began working on a film called How I Live Now, a completely original work. The title is now used in a major motion picture, but was never based on Drex112's version. The story is similar to the big motion picture, as Thomas Fitzgerald finds out about the Olympics starting in London, he later finds when he reaches London that there is more than simple competition at the Olympics as war enrages the whole British Isles. After finishing the film, Drex112 received great reviews, and later got 5 negative ones from anonymous people, he cancelled his TV movie as he was young to take the criticism from the anyonymous people. These anonymous people did not keep Drex from continuing his work when he grew up, he still makes movies and shows to this day.

Upcoming Shows/FilmsEdit

The Federal States (April - May 2014)

How I Live Now (May - July 2014)

Isolation (June - August 2014)

Robocop (2014) (April 3rd 2014)