Dom and the Demon is a fourteen-part independent American Robloxian teen-oriented horror drama directed by Robloxian filmmaker Twelvetothirteen, based on the original story and concept by user ROBLOXDramaticStory.


A fourteen year old boy named Dominic learns that a magical disturbance has caused a demon to stalk him, and that demon wants only one thing - to slowly weaken and eventually kill him.


Production began when Twelve roamed the I Made That forum on Roblox. He found a great story and concept, and bought rights to make it a series. The series is due to premiere at the end of May 2014, and new episodes will be released on Fridays. Part of the cast was announced on February 20, 2014, when JohnCena2305alt1, XxthejasonkillerXx, CandySpark were all tied to roles on the upcoming series. CandySpark soon left the production, and the confirmed cast was expanded on February 23, 2014, when routess, DedenneAmyPichu, Tripcord, godsavenger, and Bubbax7 were added to the cast.