For the television channel, see DogeTV (channel).

DogeTV was a independent Roblox TV company founded by SuperLol211 on August 28, 2016. It owned the channel of the same name, DogeTV, as well as premium television service DOGEdigital. Following SuperLol211's departure from the industry on May 18, 2017, the company is assumed to be defunct.

History Edit

When the DogeTV channel was relaunched on the August 28, 2016, a company was made to operate the channel. SuperLol stated that due to the company's existance, if DogeTV were to merge, he could still keep the DogeTV brand as a separately operated company. Around mid-February 2017, plans were made between Cartoon Network ROBLOX and DogeTV, and they intended to merge until the merger was called off for reasons unknown. Despite them merging, the DogeTV company was still allowed to operate individually and went on to create the DogeTV Network, an upcoming network of channels, some of which were exclusive to the DigiBLOCKS (now DOGEdigital) service.

Following SuperLol211's departure from the industry on May 18, 2017, it has been assumed that the DogeTV company has been closed. The DogeTV channel still exists, and it is currently owned by rTV Networks.

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