Doctor Who is a ROBLOX adaption of the hit series by Steven Moffat that airs on BBC One. Doctor Who is directed by Assassain25. The show is predicted to have 40 episodes all together with the 8 seasons. The First Doctor will be casted quite soon and the actor that is highly recommended to be played is 'RyanA17' though it is unkown if he will take the job. A wiki for the series will be released very soon. Lastly, the first two episodes have been named. Episode 1 is titled as 'An Unhuman Child' and Episode 2 is titled as 'Deep Silence' The plots of the episodes have been decided and the other two episodes are also in the same position.


The Doctor, an alien from the planet Gallifrey is forced to leave his home and travel in a flying police box known as 'The Tardis' and lands on an unknown planet named Earth, aliens from across the stars are hunting him down and danger will cross his life in seconds to the point he will be a soul split in half. His only great secret is his name...Doctor WHO?


Episode Description


Release Date

An Unhuman Child The Doctor discovers a planet named 'Earth' and is faced with the Daleks trying to locate him. September - January September - January
Deep Silence Weeping Angels attack Dorian Castle and The Doctor goes into hiding. N/A N/A
The End of Time The Doctor Travels To The End of Time only to find that something powerful still roams The Universe. N/A N/A
Fields of Trenzalore Part 1 Tick. Trenzalore rings. Tock. Trenzalore grins. Doctor. Trenzalore cries -The Doctor Faces His Most Darkest Day in Trenzalore. N/A

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