DigiBLOCKS was an upcoming Robloxian premium television service owned by SuperLol211, the owner of DogeTV. Inspired by competing services such as roTV and 3view, the creator of DogeTV decided that they would launch a premium TV service 'with a difference'.

History Edit

Inspiration for the service came in the wake of the rapid growth of premium services in the Robloxian television industry, such as roTV, 3view, and Amicable, among others. However, in the eyes of DigiBLOCKS' creator SuperLol211, a lot of these services 'felt the same', in spite of unique and differentiating features such as exclusive channels and differences in channel selection. With this in mind, SuperLol211 vowed that "this premium TV service will be unique. We know that the ROBLOX TV audience deserves the best content, and that content can only be delivered with a good, attractive TV service. It's time to change the rules".

SuperLol211 began making carriage agreements with channel providers in late February 2017; first with rTV Networks for three of its channels on February 27, 2017, then with Lava Lamp Entertainment for most of their channels on February 28, 2017. On March 1, 2017, Gavent Networks then announced its free-to-air channels would be coming to the service. Carriage deals are purportedly in the works with Roblox Networks but they haven't confirmed or denied any such agreement. Suominco then announced that BloxyTV would be coming with the launch of digiBLOCKS.

The name DigiBLOCKS is an indirect portmanteau of the words "digital" "ROBLOX" signifying its offering. The service was initially known as "DigiBLOX" prior to a request from rTV Networks to change the service's name to avoid confusion with that company's channel Blox.

On May 2, 2017, after struggling to develop a functioning website, among other things, SuperLol211 publicly announced that the digiBLOCKS project would be cancelled, and all channels it was planned to carry would be brought over to the new upcoming service, DOGEdigital.

Channels Edit

DigiBLOCKS was set to carry fifteen channels from its launch.

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