Destination Robloxia is an upcoming Robloxian television channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment, set to launch in 2018. The channel is focused on Robloxian culture and lifestyle programming and was originally set to be a roTV exclusive before being made available to other providers to better compete with rTV Life.

History Edit

Destination Robloxia was formulated by Lava Lamp Entertainment CEO WeepinnWillow on May 2, 2017 after reading about the failed RTN6 proposal; Willow decided to attempt to launch a channel with a concept similar to RTN6. The channel was officially announced at the Summer 2017 edition of RTNG MediaCon. Originally set to be exclusive to the roTV service, Lava Lamp instead decided to begin offering the network to other providers, in an attempt to give the network an edge over the competing rTV Life.

On May 22, 2018, the network quietly launched an HD feed.

Programming Edit

Currently, only one original series has been confirmed for Destination Robloxia: Abandoned, a series showcasing former Roblox places that were once popular, but are now deserted. The series' format is based off of the IRL series of the same name on Viceland as well as YouTuber AdamTheWoo.

Two programs also show reruns on Destination Robloxia: Harmony's Placemania! and BBS Channel's BBS Behind Closed Doors.