Darksilver is an upcoming series production by Drex112, his second in 2014, after the ill-fated Placecheck. The show contains a superhero theme and will rely on both live-action actors and staged, non-live scenes to create the scenes. Three seasons of the series will be produced for both YouTube and the rTV Networks. Episodes are slated to premiere weekly on Sundays starting on March 11, 2014.


Sixteen-year-old Jack Silverstone travels to the town of Willsmay for a class trip, but is angry when he finds the town is full of devil worshipers, brutal officers and no prisons or courts. Due to this, he is forced to change the town of Willsmay for good by putting on his homemade hood and turning into Darksilver.


On December 16, 2009, Drex112 began the idea of Darksilver at home before he joined ROBLOX. On September 15, 2010, Darksilver had its own comic drawn and written by Drex in London. On March 19, 2011, Drex's birthday, he discontinued the idea of Darksilver after negative reviews. On February 18, 2014, Drex112 revived Darksilver as a much darker and more brutal series. On March 1, 2014, Positive reviews were given to Drex112.


Season/Episode No. in series Episode title YouTube airdate rTVN airdate


"The Beginning" March 11, 2014 TBD
S1E2 2 "The Girl I Love" March 16, 2014 TBD
S1E3 3 "Satanic" March 23, 2014 TBD
S1E4 4 "Romeo and Juliet" March 30, 2014 TBD
S1E5 5 "Crossroads" April 6, 2014 TBD
S1E6 6 "Terminator" April 13, 2014 TBD
S1E7 7 "God of Salvation" April 20, 2014 TBD
S1E8 8 "Death, Is Dark!" April 27, 2014 TBD
S1E9 9 "Revengeance" May 4, 2014 TBD

Season 1 preview trailerEdit

OFFICIAL ROBLOX Darksilver Trailer

OFFICIAL ROBLOX Darksilver Trailer