Crime Discovery was an upcoming Robloxian television channel that is owned by Mighty Networks. The channel will focus on documentaries that are related to mysterious events and that are produced by Dipper Fresh Studios and it's parent company, Dipper Fresh Communications that plays on the Hexahedron Horizons channel.

History Edit

XTV Mystery was announced shortly after Grammar Communications, (now known as Hexahedron Media Networks), announced a new channel to the Hexahedron-franchise named, Crime + Mystery. Although, plans for its launch were never developed until September 26, 2015, during the first day of production of the Untitled Documentary.

Shows Edit

Upcoming Edit

Original Edit

  • RMC: Behind The Story
  • XTVC: How It Started
  • rTV: The pioneer company

Delays in Launch Edit

The launch date was originally going to be on August 21, 2015, but due to delays, It would be launched between October 3rd and November 23, 2015, However, the launch was postponed to be on December 30, 2015.