The ConFilm Production Corporations of ROBLOX​, more commonly known as ConFilms, was a production company run by LordCrossfire82. In addition to its film productions, it also managed the annual Octoberfest Fine Arts Festival (formerly a Robloxiwood film festival through the 2015 edition).


Original companyEdit

ConFilms was originally started by KrisBush15 as an easier way to manage three companies he had gained control of, The Capcom Company, WOWs Roblox Studios, and The Mafia Films. The three companies were merged into ConFilms, and to ensure an appropriate balance of power, DonCurrency (now DonValuta) and ThecapcomFreak, former owners of TMF and TCC respectively, were given co-ownership of the group and access to the company's YouTube channel.

Brisingric expressed interest in joining ConFilms, and soon his company Olympus Pictures was merged into ConFilms. However, before finishing his first ConFilms release, Brisingric quit the company and split Olympus off of ConFilms.

After a fallout, TCC and TMF left ConFilms, effectively dissolving the company, on March 24, 2013.

New companyEdit

On June 10, 2014, WRS, Crossfire Studios, and Warbeast Films merged, creating a new ConFilms, helmed by LordCrossfire82. Later, Coollegodude1 became a shareholder of the company. On November 18, 2014, Cooltnb123's Action Studios and DickGraysonBU's Ultra Studios merged into the company (the former later left due to an argument between it and the latter).

Move to televisionEdit

Following a hiatus, on December 28, 2015, Lord announced that ConFilms had made the decision to leave the Robloxiwood community and essentially "jump ship" to relaunch as a Robloxian television production company, mirroring a move made by DonValuta's The Neo-Avant Institution two days earlier. The move comes as tensions and "anti-establishment" sentiment rises in the Robloxian film industry. The Octoberfest Film Festival, an event which ConFilms managed, will broaden into a more generalist Robloxian-media-focused event.

On Feburary 10, 2016, due to life developments, LordCrossfire82 decided to leave the Robloxiwood and Robloxian television industries and close ConFilms.

Productions released by ConFilmsEdit

As a Robloxiwood companyEdit

  • ​KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Series (2011)
  • KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Movie (2011)
  • Gary Bush: The Voul (2011)
  • Gary Bush II: The Rise (2012)
  • Gary Bush III: Dark Days (2013)
  • The Headless Nightmare (2013)
  • Bandon Bush (2013)
  • Letter to Mother (2014)
  • Action Cop (2014)
  • The Headless Nightmare II: Thou Shall Never Forget (2014)
  • Testament (2015)

As a Robloxian television companyEdit

  • Redemption (2016)
  • Secret project only Don knows about (2016)

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