City, originally known as CityMedia and later known as Cm, is an upcoming entertainment television network, owned by ROX Pictures. The original name of the channel was devised by Ren97; ownership was changed in March 2014. RPN2 merged with City in November 2014. 


The group started as a ROX Pictures Partner in April 2010 by Ren97. CityMedia was a broadcast television network. In November 2011, the group was promoted on The Jonathanroxcp Show. The channel was rebranded as Cm in August 2012 as an attempt to target a new younger audience. CityMedia was closed by Ren97 in early March 2014, and soon after, rTV Networks contacted Ren in an attempt to buy out the channel. Ren declined, saying that he is against the monopoly of the industry by rTVN and ROX Pictures.

On March 17, 2014, full ownership of CityMedia was given to ROX Pictures, in a somewhat ironic move given Ren's comment. Although the ownership changed, the company is still based out of Canada.

On March 25, 2014, CityMedia was relaunched as an entertainment television network and completely rebranded as simply "city". The rebrand included the launch of a new group and the drop of the former "Cm" branding. Posters around the ROX Pictures HQ and a promo for upcoming City show Flake. suggested that the relaunched channel would be a Robloxian version of E!.

In June 2014, it was announced in the group description that City was to be discontinued until further notice and all productions for City came to a halt.


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RPN2 was deemed the second RPN channel. The channel was originally named WM Network and was owned by WM Productions created by WarMonk3y (now Sazux). The channel was rebranded as RPN2 on October 12, 2013 and acquired all its original programming including The Monkey Show (later renamed as Monkey: The Show). Due to inactivity, RPN2's main studio, which housed Monkey, was taken down on February 1, 2014.

On April 23, 2014, MTV signage went up at ROX Pictures Headquarters in-place of RPN2. MTV's new studio finished construction on May 30, 2014. MTV has yet to launch.

On November 17, 2014, ROX merged RPN2 with City, in order to minimize the number of inactive channels owned by ROX.


City does not currently air any programming, and has not yet announced any new programming to air on City.

Former programmingEdit

  • Flake.

From CityMediaEdit

  • The Jonathanroxcp Show, the original Ellen show replica on ROBLOX.
  • The Ninjaflakes Show
  • NewsStud, newscast with Ren97 as anchor.
  • ROBLOX's Got Talent
  • CM360, hosted by Cashman92

From RPN2Edit

  • Monkey: The Show, hosted by WarMonk3y. Originally named The Monkey Show.