This category is to be used only for advertising on the Robloxian TV Wiki. Articles and images which are not the correct size for advertising should not be categorized here, and any such material may be deleted without notice or prohibited from rotation.

Advertising rulesEdit

There are certain rules that must be abided by when advertising on the Robloxian TV Wiki.

Content allowedEdit

Only the following content is allowed to be advertised on the Robloxian TV Wiki:

  • Robloxian television groups
  • Promotions for upcoming Robloxian television network programming (including network launches or relaunches)
  • Promotions for upcoming Robloxiwood films

Content other than this will be prohibited from rotation.

What advertising can link toEdit

Advertisements on the Robloxian TV Wiki can only link to the following items:

  • A Robloxian TV Wiki/Roblox Film Wiki article on the thing being advertised.
  • A website with information on the thing being advertised. (ex. a TV program information page, film promotional website, etc.) Please note that websites will be checked before placement into rotation for relevance.
  • The Livestream/roTV channel or YouTube link for programming or films being advertised. This feature will be monitored carefully, and this such advertising can only be rotated on the day of the program's broadcast, or for a period of approximately three weeks to a month after the release of the film, respectively.
  • A Roblox group for a company being advertised.

Links other than this will be prohibited from rotation, and if a specific link is not specified, then the link will automatically default to the group's/film's/program's Robloxian TV Wiki/Roblox Film Wiki article.

Advertising locationsEdit

Advertisements will be placed on the main page and some category pages. In order not to detract from the Robloxian TV Wiki's informative purpose, advertising will never be placed in articles.

How to place an advertisementEdit

  1. Notify BenzBot of your advertisement by messaging him on the wiki right before you upload your image. Remember to mention where you would like the ad to link to, or else the ad will default to linking to the item's RTVW/RFW article. For time-sensitive ads (such as advertisements for programming or film releases, also include when you wish for the ad to be run. Advertising will be run immediately unless otherwise specified.
  2. Upload your image to the Robloxian TV Wiki. Ads must be a maximum size of 677x90 pixels, and while other, smaller sizes are allowed, they are not recommended. For time-sensitive advertising, upload your advertisement a few days before the event to ensure timeliness.
  3. Categorize your image under Category:Ads after uploading.
  4. Wait for your ad to be added into rotation. The ad should be added into the rotation within a few hours of uploading (usually the same day, sometimes within a few days). For time-sensitive advertising, the ad will be placed into rotation on the previously specified date.
  5. After your ad is in rotation, it will remain in rotation unless you notify BenzBot to take the ad out of rotation. For time-sensitive ads, they will be taken out of rotation on the previously-specified date, or the day after broadcast for programs, and up to a month after release for films.

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