Bruce Wayne is an Robloxian action/drama television series, created by cooingguy1234 and keniel20067. The series is based off the Batman comic books, and is produced by Routess' Route 66 Productions, Coollegodude1's The Unknown Productions, AGavent's JERK, and cooing and keniel's Ultra Studios.

The series is the first part of a continuing franchise, with two ROBLOXiwood films planned to be released by the four studios after the end of the Robloxian TV series.

Synopsis Edit

Bruce Wayne, after seven years of hiding and training, returns to a corrupt Gotham City to protect it once again.

Production Edit

Bruce Wayne was created by cooingguy1234 and keniel20067, based off the original Batman comics. On May 2, 2016, cooing and keniel joined a game with AGavent, while filming episodes of Gavent with ROBLOXiwood directors coollegodude1 and routess. After filming, cooing and keniel pitched the series, along with two films, to AGavent for his network, GTV. Cool and routess, also watching the pitch take place, decided to help produce the series with their Route 66 Productions and The Unknown Studios following the pitch. The series was publicly announced the same night.

On May 3, 2016, AGavent announced two of the actors. TEDOG1232 would be playing the title role of Bruce Wayne, while PickachuGirl will be playing a currently undecided female role.

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