Boomerang is a Robloxian family-oriented television channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment. It is a spinoff and sister channel of Cartoon Everything, focusing on cartoons from the 60's to early 90's, and is due to launch in 2018.

Unlike IRL versions of the channel, this Boomerang uses the 2012 branding & the 2004- 2015 logo formerly used on international channels instead of the recent global 2015 branding.


Boomerang dates back to as long as Cartoon Everything, first appearing as a block on the channel during its initial days. The block featured several older cartoons such as The Smurfs and Wacky Races.

Lava Lamp had been hinting at a seperate channel for Boomerang since Cartoon Everything's relaunch; it had also been rumored for a while due to comments made to various other people in the industry such as Buddbudd222.

After initially planning a summer 2017 announcement, Lava Lamp Entertainment surprise announced Boomerang in the late hours of April 14, 2017 due to its addition to the RoTV service. Other details about the network, such as programming, will be revealed at the Roblox Television Networks Group's Summer MediaCon 2017 event. In an effort to increase Boomerang's carriage, Lava Lamp began mandating that Boomerang was carried alongside Cartoon Everything, with the company threatening to drop Cartoon Everything from providers that refused to carry Boomerang.

On May 19, 2017, two programs set to air on Boomerang were leaked out during a dispute with JTVLive: The Flintstones and The Jetsons. It has been speculated that much of the programming from Cartoon Everything's now-defunct Boomerang block is also moving to the channel.

Hexahedron Link carriage disputeEdit

Initially, Hexahedron Link refused to carry Cartoon Everything and Boomerang due to a policy against supposed "rip-off channels". Hexahedron quickly dropped the policy shortly after they instated it, opening the door for Cartoon Everything/Boomerang carriage on the service.



  • The Flintstones (2018)*
  • The Jetsons (2018)*

* Carried over from Cartoon Everything's Boomerang block