BloxyTV FINLAND (Formerly: BloxyTV CHANNEL+) is a finnishRobloxian television channel which airs a variety of content, such as finnish 90's and 00's programmes, as well as former BloxyTV3 original series.

History Edit

Due to Roblox TV Studios™ (with which BloxyTV is affiliated with) having an issue with its content airing on roTV (likely due in part to former hostility with some of its management), Suominico announced that BloxyTV CHANNEL would be removed from roTV and replaced with BloxyTV CHANNEL+. The replacement channel is similar to its parent, but with RTVS content removed. (As of March 2017, the regular version of BloxyTV CHANNEL remains on roTV.)

On March 24, 2017, plans for BloxyTV CHANNEL+ were cancelled because it would be obsolete and not good. The project was replaced by BloxyTV EUROPE.

Hours after the announcing the replacement. BloxyTV CHANNEL+ Was renamed to BloxyTV FINLAND and will may begin broadcasts if necessary.

Testbroadcast Edit

On April 21st 2017. Suominico began testbroadcast and it would be good to start at 22nd April 2017