BloxyTV Channel (Finnish: BloxyTeevee Kanava) is a Finnish roblox television channel owned by suominico. It is one of the biggest roblox television corporations based in Finland.

Currently the channel is being repaired.

BloxyTV Has announced to create "BloxyTV CHANNEL-2" for the competition and possibly to ask permission to finnish IRL company "Viestintävirasto" to add BloxyTV CHANNEL to antenna and cable networks to make BloxyTV A Real TV channel.

History Edit

The Original BloxyTV (2015-2016) Edit

BloxyTV3 was known as BloxyTV previously, but as a general entertainment channel between 2015 and 2016. Shows featured were somewhat similar to what they are now.

The Middle Age (2016-2017) Edit

The Future was unknown BloxyTV3 changed name to BloxyTV and it had plans to create new channels also known as BloxyTV24,BloxyTV KIDS! and TeXTV too. The channel had also been announced being a new ROBLOX TV Studios™ subsidiary, featuring Scandinavian programming.

Towards the future (Summer 2017) Edit

BloxyTV has announced that their live channels would become HD and better programming. TheMagRBLX owns the channel 40%. And resulting of leaving ROBLOX TV Studios.

Subsidiary Channels Edit

Below are the subsidiary channels of BloxyTV.

L: Live Network

Y: Youtube Network

R: RoTV Network

S: SmartTV Network

B: BBS Player

Name Type First Broadcast Last Broadcast L Y R S B
BloxyTV CHANNEL Normal broadcasting December 17th 2015 -
BloxyTV EUROPE European content. 28th March 2017 - No No
BloxyTV FINLAND Finnish Content 1st May 2017 - No No No Pending
BloxyTV MAX Broadcasting for boys and men,. 10th May 2017 - ✔(Planned) ✔ (Planned) ✔(Planned) N/A Pending

Shows Edit

Name Starring First Broadcast Last Broadcast Status
Bloxy News suominico December 17,2015 - Active
Guest Toons Guest January 1,2016 - Inactive
Artistic View GlowyRubberDucky,suominico June 9,2016 - Active
Bloxy Morning suominico January 1,2016 - Inactive
BloxyTV Game Reviews Alan_TheGamer,suominico May ?,2016 - Active
BloxyTV Chat! suominico - - WIP

Trivia Edit

  • BloxyTV3 Used to be the owners family private tv channel
  • BloxyTV3 is not same as cancelled BloxTV
  • BloxyTV3 was cancelled for several months due to copyright

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