Bloxia is a Robloxian television company founded by SuperLol211 and owned by TheMagRBLX. The company operates three channels and produces a number of programs for them.

History Edit

Bloxia was founded on January 13, 2017, launching their website and announcing their various networks two days later.

Bloxia was initially criticized by the owner of fellow British Robloxian premium television platform 3view, TheMagRBLX, concerning claims about their news channel, bTV News24. Infinity argued that calling bTV News24 a "24 hour news service" was "false advertising. Despite support from rTV Networks (owners of competing Blox News Channel), Bloxia found the comments demeaning, and decided to temporarily shelve the bTV News24 service.

On March 12, 2017, TheMagRBLX took over Bloxia, renaming btvN24 to Bloxia News Select and bTV1 and 2 to Bloxia1 and Bloxia2, respectively. Original owner Superlol211 retains a 10% ownership stake in the company.

On May 3, 2017, TheMagRBLX bought out Joshua World Productions.

Throughout the summer of 2017, Bloxia "left" the industry several times to become, in their words, "an independent broadcaster". So far all of these attempts have largely been confusing, messy failures.

Bloxia has become a company held by BBC Robloxia to protect it's program usage and brand usage inside the industry.

Programming Edit

Although Bloxia has not produced any programs, there are many currently in early production and planning, set to air across their networks. These shows include:

  • iBlocks, a show about a person who can hack anything and must take down an elite group of hackers to save Robloxity.
  • House on the Hill, a show about people trapped in a haunted house trying to escape.
  • Bloxia Newscast, a show wrapping up the week's news.
  • Killer Files, a drama about random murderers, and a team of detectives trying to stop them.
  • Late Night with Super, a show with SuperLol211 where he chats about ROBLOX gossip and does skits with other ROBLOXians.

Additional programming is also in production but has not yet been announced.

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