BBS Behind Closed Doors is a reality show documenting the real lives of members of Robloxian TV production company Buddbudd Studios. The show is based off of the former TRN series Working Life. The show usually runs for 30 to 60 minutes. The show is promoted as completely unscripted, with no faked lines or scenes as is sometimes present on other reality series. RMC has previously aired the show as one of its original series.

In 2016, the show was renewed for a second season. At its renewal, series creator buddbudd222 called the show a success. Episodes of the series are available through the BBS Player on-demand service.


Ep Production Started Production Ended Editing BBN BBS Channel BBMN Bloxia
1 12/30/13 TBA TBA TBA
2 12/31/13 1/2/14 1/3/14 TBA TBA TBA
3 8/3/14 9/10/14 10/11/14 10/12/14 TBA TBA TBA
4 10/31/14 12/21/14 12/25/14 5/6/17 TBA TBA
5 12/27/14 2/14/15 2/21/15 5/6/17 TBA TBA
6 2/4/15 2/19/15 4/30/15 TBA TBA TBA
7 2/18/15 4/3/15 5/7/15 TBA TBA TBA
8 4/3/15 4/18/15 4/19/15 5/14/15 TBA 5/6/17 TBA

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