BBC News Channel, (also known as BBC News or BBC News 24) is a channel made by BBC Networks

(formerly Maggie Networks), BBC News was originally started at July 2013, but joined ROBLOX TV in 2014.


BBC News started in its current Headquarters in BBC Television Centre, Formely the home of Dipper Fresh Studios, The studio was removed and none of it is standing still in present, The first news report was Dynamic Lighting, The video editor was AVS Video Editor

2014 - PresentEdit

During 2014, The BBC opened BBC Broadcasting House, the most successful BBC Hub, it was used for loads of broadcasts of BBC News and Series 1 of Dragon. After 2014, BBC News moved out, a month later, Dragon moved out. During 2015, BBC News didnt make that much pre recorded broadcasts, they went live for 4 hours everyday, It stopped one day, but it came back on the air on twitch, BBC News has plans to relaunch on livestream.

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