AwesomeAlexK is a Robloxian television company owner, program producer, and developer. He is known for work both inside and outside of the Robloxian television industry. Currently, he owns AAK Media and Broadcasting Co., stars in the series The Thinking Cap and is a developer for Infinity Driving Universe. He also develops for his own separate project, Illinois Wisconsin Driving Universe.

Autobiography Edit

AwesomeAlexK joined ROBLOX in 2012, when it was still relatively small and unpopular with his generation, because he was interested in making games. He had previously been a member of other websites, but stayed on Roblox. as he saw it as the best option. His first games, however, were definitely not the best, as he was still learning.

When Roblox removed Tickets from the currency system, Awe needed a way to make a profit. So, he began to make buildings and projects for other people, earning about R$1500 total. His achievements as a builder includes the design of a map for the creator of The Roblox Plague.

About a year later, Awe began to focus more on development, starting his own original project, the Illinois Wisconsin Driving Universe. It initially received low ratings, as he still was learning on how to make driving games. Then he founded AWE Studios, known for creating California Driving Universe and Highland Driving Universe. The group split about three months after its creation, and following that, Awe began working solo, resuming work on the IL WI DU, and releasing Kenosha, which earned him a decent profit. The game was originally for the Infinity Driving Universe, but after some conflict, pulled the place out of the project, making it as an IL WI DU game instead. Awe later returned to the IDU, and most recently has been developing IDU: Prairie Junction, IA, which has already been earning a steady profit.

In addition to development, Awe also writes for NotPancake's media platform and magazine, The Weekly Blox.

In June 2017, Awe discovered the Robloxian television industry, and after some initial exploration, worked on building his first channel, which became AAK Network. Later, Awe expanded by creating other channels such as Blox Beats. These and other channels were later incorporated into a proper television company, known as AAK Media and Broadcasting Co. Currently, he is working on expanding the company, creating more projects and developing original series such as The Thinking Cap.

Projects Edit